Queen Royalty

Queen Royalty

2021 Royalty
Morgan Jones, Queen
TBA, Lady in Waiting

2020 Royalty
Morgan Jones, Queen
Grace Schaffner, Lady in Waiting

2019 Royalty
Jacy Archer, Queen
Morgan Jones, Lady in Waiting

2018 Royalty
Grace Merritt, Queen
Jacy Archer, Lady in Waiting

2017 Royalty
Ashleigh Hendrix, Queen
Grace Merritt, Lady in Waiting

2016 Royalty
Morgan Kock, Queen
Ashleigh Hendrix, Lady in Waiting

2015 Royalty
Makala Combs, Queen
Morgan Kock, Lady in waiting

2014 Royalty
Makayla Spitz, Queen
Makala Combs, Lady in waiting

2013 Royalty
Taylor Miller, Queen
Makayla Spitz, Lady in waiting

2012 Royalty
Sara Brandner, Queen
Taylor Miller, Lady in waiting

2011 Royalty
Jori Archer, Queen
Sara Brandner, Lady in Waiting

2010 Royalty
Kaitlyn Doke, Queen
Jori Archer, Lady in Waiting

2009 Royalty
Emily Pletcher, Queen
Kaytlyn Doke, Lady in Waiting

2008 Royalty
Hannah Fernandez, Queen
Emily Pletcher, Lady in Waiting

2007 Royalty
Kaci Brandner, Queen
Hannah Fernandez, Lady in Waiting

2006 Royalty
Amanda Wiltfang, Queen
Kaci Brandner, Lady in Waiting

2005 Royalty
Tiffany Minton,Queen
Amanda Wiltfang, Lady in Waiting

2004 Royalty
Michelle Smith, Queen
Jill Thomas, Attendant

Yuma County Fair Queen and Lady in Waiting

Yuma County Fair Queen

2020 Yuma County Fair and Rodeo Queen, Morgan Jones, will be continuing her reign in 2021. Miss Jones is currently the 19-year-old, daughter of Josh and Heather Jones of Wray, CO. Miss Jones was homeschooled and graduated in 2020. In addition, she plans to continue her education by attending Paul Mitchell the School in Rapid City, South Dakota. She will be majoring in cosmetology in the fall of 2021. Miss Jones was raised in Yuma County her entire life and had the opportunity of being in 4-H and attending the County Fair throughout her youth. Some of Miss Jones best memories are of helping her grandparents and parents in ranching her entire life. Miss Jones enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, working with horses, working with cattle, and spending time with her family. Miss Jones’s future goals are to obtain her cosmetology license, learn about interior design and someday to start her own herd of longhorn cattle. Miss Morgan Jones is grateful to serve as your Yuma County Fair & Rodeo Queen for the 2nd year in a row. She is very blessed with a wonderful community to support her, her dreams and her Lady-in-Waiting in 2021.